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New Topics for November 2017

Topics published in November 2017:

Mark A. Weitz, Confederate Commerce Raiders and Privateers

New Topics for August 2017

Topics published in August 2017:

Alan C. Aimone, Civil War Uniforms and Accoutrements

Daniel T. Davis, The Battles of Iuka and Corinth

New Topics for July 2017

Topics published in July 2017:

Jacqueline G. Campbell, Occupation: Federal Military Government in the South
Catherine Clinton, Mary Chesnut

New Topics for June 2017

Topics published in June 2017:

Laurence D. Schiller, The Evolution of Union Cavalry 1861-1865

H. Robert Baker, Personal Liberty Laws

New Topics for May 2017

Topics published in April 2017:


Stephen Davis, The Atlanta Campaign: Dalton to the Chattahoochee
Stephen Davis, The Atlanta Campaign: Peachtree Creek to the City’s Surrender
Phillip W. Magness, Tariffs and the American Civil War
Charles P. Poland, Jr., The Battle of Rich Mountain

New Topics for April 2017

Topics published in April 2017:

Richard A. Sauers, The Battle of New Bern
Jonathan A. Noyalas, Sheridan“s 1864 Valley Campaign
Clark B. Hall, The Battle of Brandy Station

New Topics for March 2017

Topics published in March 2017:

Christopher L. Kolakowski, The Battle of Mobile Bay
Garry E. Adelman, Gettysburg

New Topics for December 2016

Topics published in December 2016 2016:

Daniel F. O“Connell, The Lynchburg Campaign
J. Arthur Moore, Boys of the Civil War

New Topics for October 2016

Topics published in October 2016:

Mary A. DeCredico, Richmond Capital of the Confederacy

New Topics for September 2016

Topics published in September 2016:

Kenneth J. Winkle, Washington: Capital of  the Union
Ben Parten, The Port Royal Experiment

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New Topics for August 2018

Topics published in August 2018:

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