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New Topics for March 2016

Topics published in March 2016:

Miles Mathews, Sibley's New Mexico Campaign

New Topics for February 2016

Topics published in February 2016:

Phillip W. Magness, Lincoln and Colonization
Michael E. Woods, Slave Narratives
Phillip W. Panhorst, Memorial Art and Architecture

New Topics for January 2016

Topics published in January 2016:

Ted Alexander, Stuart’s Chambersburg Raid​
Kyle Rothemich, The Battle of Second Kernstown
Stephen Cushman, Joseph E. Johnston

New Topics for December 2015

Topics published in December 2015:

Barbara Hahn and Bruce E. Baker, Cotton
Chuck Hamilton, Surrenders After Appomattox
David Hochfelder, The Telegraph
Elle Harell, The Struggle for Missouri
Marian Moser Jones, Clara Barton

New Topics for November 2015

Topics published in November 2015:

Stewart Bennett, The Battle of Brice's Crossroads
Jonathan W. White, Copperheads

New Topics for October 2015

Topics published in October 2015:

David S. and Jeanne T. Heidler, The Great Triumvirate
Martin A. Quitt, Stephen A. Douglas


New Topics for September 2015

Topics published in September 2015:

Matthew M. Stith, Environment and the Civil War
H. Robert Baker, The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
William B. Kurtz, The Battle of Stones River



New Topics for August 2015

Topics published in August 2015:

 A. Wilson Greene, The Siege of Petersburg

Philip Leigh, The Politics and Economics of Reconstruction

Donald Rakestraw, The Alabama Affair

John Michael Priest, Pickett“s Charge: Another Perspective

David A. Powell, Army of the Cumberland

Carol M. Johnson, Mathew B. Brady


New Topics for July 2015

Topics published in July 2015:

Robert C. Whisonant, Arming the Confederacy: Virginia“s Mineral Contributions to the Confederate War Effort

Philip M. Cole, Command Frictions

Richard G. Williams, Jr., The Rebel Yell: The Seething Blast from an Imaginary Hell


New Topics for June 2015

Topics published in June 2015:

Ian Delahanty, Soldiers’ Diaries and Letters

Patricia L. Richard, United States Sanitary  Commission

Dean S. Thomas, Small Arms and Ammunition

Dr. Michael Todd Landis, Union and Confederate Politics

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New Topics for March 2018

Topics published in March 2018:

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